‘What managers and leaders look for in new YP recruits’ – YP Webinar
The event has been moved due to unforeseen circumstances.

Join us on June 19th, from 17:00– 18:00 PM (CET), for our first YP webinar co-organised with the Danish Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Norwegian Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Egbert Schram, FDCC’s chairman and CEO of The Culture Factor Group, discusses best practices for young professionals in our exclusive webinar, ‘What managers and leaders look for in new young professional recruits.’

As a new generation enters the labour market, new struggles emerge for employers and employees alike, especially considering the difficulties that arise from the current economic situation. On the one hand, employers are facing multiple challenges, such as a down economy, but also struggle with embedding company culture in new recruits as they prefer working from home and not coming to the office. On the other hand, Gen Z, currently entering the labour market, tend to take a different approach to work that clashes with the system in place. At the same time, data shows that numerous Gen Z young professionals struggle with their mental health and experience loneliness.

This event explores cultural data regarding “dating anxiety” between employers and prospective employees, showcases a couple of best practices regarding how to identify cultural traits in prospective employers and vice versa, and discusses techniques for overcoming this anxiety.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? You can register now for the event here to receive a link to the webinar.

The Webinar is free for members of the FDCC, DDCC and NorDCC. For non-members, the first YP Webinar you join is free, afterwards a fee of 20€ per webinar will apply.

Nordic After-Work Drinks: 28th of June

We invite you to unwind and recharge with colleagues and friends at our exclusive Nordic Afterwork Drinks Event! Join us for this casual event on June 28th from 17:30 onwards at the beautiful waterfront terrace of the Danish Seamen’s Church.

We are glad to announce that the DDCC is once again collaborating with the Finnish and Norwegian Chambers of Commerce to offer our members a great networking opportunity to meet and mingle with like-minded professionals across the Nordics and share insights from their respective fields and countries in a relaxed setting. Whether you’re looking to make new business connections or simply catch up with friends, this event is the perfect opportunity to expand your network and share great moments.

You can also enjoy some nice snacks and gorgeous live jazz music! Drinks can also be ordered from the bar at your own expense.

The event is a Nordic event for the members of the Danish, Finnish and Norwegian Dutch Chambers of Commerce. Members are welcome to bring colleagues and friends.
Make sure to register via this link.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Date: June 28th
Time: Starting from 17:30 hrs
Location: The Danish Seamen’s Church, Coolhaven 1, Rotterdam

NORDCC Christmas Event: 12th of December

Save the date. More information will follow.

NORNORM : 30th of January 2025

NORNORM, a Danish scale-up, stands at the forefront of the circular economy, redefining workspace furnishing with a service-focused, subscription-based model. This approach transcends the traditional, linear mindset of one-time purchases, a significant contributor to global office furniture waste.
NORNORM’s model allows businesses to subscribe and flexibly switch out office furniture as needed. Businesses never stand still and neither should the office. This service-centric approach is key in circulating furniture across workspaces, involving reuse, refurbishment at their circular hub, and redistribution. This ensures furniture longevity and utility, underlining NORNORM’s commitment to affordability, adaptability, and a truly circular economy, greatly diminishing waste and environmental impact.
With its Danish roots, NORNORM focuses on bringing Scandinavian timeless design to offices around Europe – and doing it in a way that’s easy on the planet. NORNORM aims to make a big difference in the office furniture landscape and show all the benefits a circular business model can bring.
On 30 January 2025, DDCC will organize a company visit to NORNORM in Amsterdam. This will be a Nordic event where not only DDCC’s members but also the members of the Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the members of the Norwegian Dutch Chamber of Commerce will be invited. Timing is currently tentative but the event will take place at the end of the afternoon and there will an opportunity to network and socialize with refreshments after a presentation of NORNORM Detailed programme and registrations details to follow.